"Faire de l'Égalité une Réalité" en Anglais



Regularization for undocumented workers!


Because undocumented workers occupy themselves with fields such as catering, Construction & Public Works, pay taxes and stimulate French economy as consumers.

Because they fully participate in their homeland economy sending money back to their family and are thus main actors of co-developing measures.

To guarantee the workers’ right to equality, we claim regularization for undocumented workers.



Free access to jobs!


In 1991, Europe states that being French is no longer a prerequisite to work as teacher, postman or medical assistant in France. 19 years later, about 6 million jobs are still inaccessible to non-European citizens.

Being aware of that, it is necessary that France acts with maturity and frees access to those jobs for skilled workers regardless of their nationality. If the state legitimates discrimination in hiring towards migrant workers, why would we be surprised to see firms still discriminating against them as well? That is why we claim free access to shut down environments.



      Break down the ghetto’s law!


Many Social Housing organisms select their tenants according to their origins and even proceed to ethnic filing for community grouping.

Those discriminatory practices last due to a feeling of impunity because of the few amounts of complaints that lead to significative allowances.  

For a fair access to Social Housing, we claim anonymization of applications for Social Housing!



      Rich or poor, same rights before justice!


Given thatlow-income citizens face more difficulties to vindicate their rights.

Given that, as victim or defendant France has to guarantee a fair trial to every single citizen.

Given that jurisdictional support stands up to 45 euros a day, which is not sufficient to afford a valuable defence.

We claim the doubling of attorneys’ hourly rate up to 90 euros and the raising of the ceiling


5-    FEMINISM           

      Ensure the security and the emancipation of women victim of violence.


Numbers of women are victim of violence at home or at work (domestic violence, forced marriage, exploitation).

It is necessary to accommodate them safely and comfortably, and it is necessary to listen to them carefully.

That is why we claim the building of Emergency Housing Centres in every city or town with more than 30000 inhabitants.


6-    JOB

      Support the access to professional training thanks to Socially Responsible Companies


The unemployment rate in French suburban areas nowadays borders 40%.

There is a link between the unemployment rate and the level of training of its inhabitants.

Everything has to be carried out for those who followed a BEP, CAP and BAC pro formation.

For them to find valuable trainings, we claim the deployment at a national level of SOS STAGE, which aim is to put in relation high school students and firms manager anonymously.

We likewise claim tax shelter to encourage firms to cater for students’ professional training, and claim their right to vote at the chamber of crafts. 



Enough with third-rate education


To guarantee as early as possible equality in education, we claim 30% more teachers in Priority Education Zones.

Contrary to preconceived ideas, priority education zones schools are less expensive than those located in the fashionable districts or those in the city centre. Teachers there are mostly freshmen, and are thus less paid than the experienced ones.



Ensure an efficient and perennial popular education


To guarantee the funding of popular education associations, which act in suburban areas, to enable them to carry out their plan independently, we claim a fund for the development of the associative life and popular education, run with equal representation of both sides. To fund this budget, we claim 10% taxes received by the state from PMU and LOTO. Besides, we demand the creation of a popular education government department with 100 000 public official jobs to be occupied by popular suburban areas’ associations and local authorities.



9-    “LAÏCITÉ”

“Laïcité” through knowledge.


Mistreated, misread, tarnished, and yet the principle of laïcité is the essential basis of the republican principle of our society.

To maintain the transmission of tolerance’s fundament, the acceptance of differences of this plural France, the respect of all beliefs and religions, the solidarity between peoples and the refusal of fundamentalism, we claim the teaching of laïcité at school. 




Audio visual productions by all and for all


As far as the airtime relative to socioprofessional categories is concerned, executives, who stand for 14% of the population, have 66% of the airtime as opposed to 9% for the 18% working-class.

Because Medias are not representative of today’s France, for the multicultural republic to be pointed up, we claim the transfer of 10% of the TV license fees to be run with equal representation of both sides to fund audio visual production from popular suburban areas.